Brenau encouraged to “A.C.T. Now” with September CPR Class

The Brenau Association of Nursing Students and Brenau School of Nursing recently partnered with North Georgia Heart Foundation to offer “A.C.T. Now,” a lifesaving bystander CPR class for faculty, staff and students at the Brenau Gainesville historic campus.

The training was held Thursday, Sept. 10, and consisted of approximately 10-to-15 minutes of hands-on training per person.

Dr. George Ordway, board chair of NGHF and a frequent Brenau University Learning and Leisure Institute collaborator, was on hand to demonstrate how the chest compression-only method of CPR works.

Each year, upwards of 385,000 people experience cardiac arrest. With emergency personnel taking an average of eight minutes to arrive on the scene, early bystander response often spells the difference between life and death, a message that was shared with event participants

“If CPR isn’t done within the first few minutes, the chances of the person surviving drops dramatically,” Ordway says. “With this form of CPR, it’s very straight forward and easy to use … as soon as it can be initiated, a person’s chances of survival can go up tremendously.”