A Real Life Testimonial

“Five days ago I participated in a CPR training course, conducted by NGHF, and today amazingly enough I had to put it into use. I am at a conference in Myrtle Beach, SC and where a 6-8 year boy old drowned 20 feet from me. When he was pulled from the water he was unresponsive and lifeless, but I was able to confidently assess him and proceed in working on him. I just got a report that the boy is now responding to doctors and it is my hope and prayer his condition continues to improve. So thank you guys, know that your good deeds have already been paid forward.”

– Shelley Moats of Norcross, Georgia

Save lives through education.

Education is one of life’s most powerful tools. It can open doors, create opportunity and even save a life. We believe in the power of education. Education not only as it pertains to medical professionals, but students, teachers, healthcare providers and the community at large.

Like many diseases, prevention is the key to eradicating heart disease, but recognizing the early warning signs of a heart attack, knowing your risk factors for heart disease, and living a healthy lifestyle can make a significant impact on the incidence of heart related deaths as well.

This is why North Georgia Heart Foundation is partnering with community organizations including Brenau University, University of North Georgia, Gainesville City Schools, Hall County Schools, Lakeview Academy and Junior Achievement to begin to educate our teachers, students and community about various topics as they relate to cardiovascular disease.

Hands-Only CPR Training

Timely application of CPR is a critical factor that determines the overall outcome of someone who experiences a cardiac arrest and sudden death. Training can truly be life-saving. In the U.S. there are about 365,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests each year – about 1,000 a day. In Georgia, the survival rate for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest is about 8%. After someone has an arrest, the chances of survival fall by 10% each minute.  

Know what to do in the event you encounter someone experiencing sudden cardiac arrest! Click the link below to schedule an event at your school, business or community group. NGHF has educated more than 8,000 individuals in Hands-Only CPR and AED use. This year, NGHF is partnering with local schools to provide hands-only CPR training for high school students. Our goal is to be able to expand the program into all the high schools in North Georgia. Knowing what to do can save a life!

Interested in CPR training? Click here!
Teachers Symposia

By teaching our community educators about the latest information regarding cardiovascular health and disease we can expand our reach exponentially.  Our science-based teachers symposia will be an opportunity to inspire and empower our teachers with the latest findings, facts and technologies in cardiovascular health and disease, equipping them with information to use in their classroom and also fulfilling their continuing education requirements.

Start with the Heart