We understand that at the heart of life is hope.

That is why when it comes to caring for hearts the world over, North Georgia Heart Foundation not only focuses on providing cutting-edge research and access to health education, but also on providing hope – Hope for a healthier tomorrow, hope for another day, hope to enjoy life to its fullest, hope to not just live but thrive. No matter what you’re longing for, it all comes down to HOPE.

While our research and education go a long way in improving lives throughout North Georgia, we recognize it takes an entire community, not just medical professionals, to bring about real change. We need your help not only in providing the resources to continue our work, but in identifying and partnering on community projects such as CPR training, AED availability and community education initiatives/programs to extend our reach and make a true impact on our community. Working together is the best way to strengthen the pulse of tomorrow and provide HOPE to North Georgia’s hearts.