Raise the 8 Campaign

Each year in the United States, about 365,000 people experience out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. In North Georgia only about 8% of those who experience cardiac arrest outside of the hospital survive. The North Georgia Heart Foundation is working to change that fact through a campaign we call “Raise the 8”. 

For each passing minute that aid is not rendered, the chances of the victim surviving drops by 10%. If you have cardiac arrest and someone calls 911 without doing anything else – it could be 10 minutes before help arrives. That means your chances of survival are 0. That’s where you come in to play, as we need your help to Raise the 8.

Currently, there is no requirement in Georgia for schools, churches, community-based nonprofits, government buildings or businesses to have an AED on site. We are calling on businesses, families and community leaders across North Georgia to participate in the Raise the 8 campaign. The campaign includes the purchase of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) for your business, as well as training for you and your staff, on hands-only CPR.

North Georgia Heart Foundation is asking businesses to commit to make north Georgia the leader in out of hospital cardiac arrest survivability.

What is included when I participate in Raise the 8?

Commit: Your business commits to being part of Raise the 8. NGHF orders the AED for your business.

Train: Your commitment to Raise the 8 includes training on hands-only CPR and the AED for your staff.

Save: Be prepared to save a life in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest.

Pay it forward: Part of your commitment to Raise the 8 is a tax-deductible donation to support NGHF and a partial payment for another AED that can be placed in a emergency responder vehicle, church or place of public gathering.

For every 100 businesses that commit to this campaign, 10 AEDs would be placed into the community, protecting hundreds of thousands of Georgians, and raising the 8% survival rate for out of hospital cardiac arrests.

Hands-only CPR and AEDs save lives. Since December 2015, there have been several “saves” recorded in Georgia. If someone is trained in hands-only CPR and there is an AED close by, a victim of sudden cardiac arrest can be saved. Just ask Darryl Bagwell. Or Counte Cooley. Or an employee of American Proteins in Cuthbert, GA. These are the ones who are with us today because someone knew what to do and how to act to save a life.

Will your business be prepared in the event a co-worker or customer has sudden cardiac arrest?

The knowledge and equipment you need to save a life is within reach now. Join us, and RAISE THE 8 today. For more information, contact Daniel Thompson, Executive Director of NGHF.

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